Hello and welcome to PROCOM, a decentralized and innovative payment network and kind of money.

Procom uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authoriy or banks (like Bitcoin).
Managing transactions and the issuing of Procom coins is carried out collectively by the network.

Procom is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Procom and everyone can take part.

Our team with the (twin)brothers H.:

Jack H.
Overall responsibility of this project, Accountant (Stock Trader)

Bruce H.
Dev and crypto programmer (c2)

Celine C.
Marketing and Public relation

We are looking for a second programmer, are you an independent crypto programmer? PM us.

More information on our thread:


Upcoming features that are in development and will be introduced over the next weeks and months:

– Build-in chat system, an in-wallet encrypted messaging system
– Decentralized exchange for trading crypto (experimental)
– Anonymous marketplace
– more build-in wallet app coming…
A. For those services the network charges the user a fixed amount of fee.
B. In addition, we set a very low minimum fee for every PROCOM transaction.

These decentralized applications will run on a PROnode (servicenodes/masternode).
A Pronode which runs 24/7 provides those services within Procom network.
The server requirements are normal standard VPS or a normal home computer with a good and stable Internet connection for running a Pronode.

PROnode earning/rewards
The point A. fee earned of the overall network is 100% distributed among the active Pronodes.
35% of the point B. fee is equal paid to all active nodes. So that every pronode get a steady income.

To start/run a Pronode you need a collateral of exactly 60.000 PCM. At this time, with the current price, this is not much in BTC.
Practically everyone has the possibility of starting one and we will launch a page on our website where people come together for finance a PROnode.
You will not lose those coins, if you turn off the PROnode, you can use the coins again, the same principle as a masternode and there is a possible configuration of hot / cold wallet.




Full name: PROCOM coin

Ticker: PCM

Scrypt POW
Total coins: 28.000.000
Block reward: 63
Coinbase maturity: 25
Transactions confirmations: 9

Block halving: 200.000
Block time: 360 seconds (6 minutes)

Recommended transaction fee: 0.001 pcm (per Kb)
Hard programmed transaction fee: 0.000 pcm (per Kb)

RPC port: 6356
P2P port: 6355


Premine summed:
1% (280.000 coins) for start-up costs
3% (840.000 coins) reserverd for bounties
6% (1.680.000 coins) AIRDROP free of charge

How is the distribution / premine explanation:
The first block (premine) consists of 10% of the total supply of 28 million coins, meaning the premine consists total of 2.800.000 million coins. We decided to split the premine between compensation for bring-up, bounties and an “airdrop”, where we freely give an equal amount of coins to a number of airdrop participants. This means that our teams and its developers will receive roughly 1% of the premine of the total supply (at USD 0.35 a 1 coin  it will cover our startup and bring-up costs).

We reserved 3% of the premine for bounties to the people who offer us help and support.

The remaining 6% will be spread evenly across a list of airdrop participants as part of an effort to build the Procom network and decentralize its distribution. The airdrop is also intended to get some volume from the beginning.