Airdrop information

(registration is no longer possible)

Airdrop started at: Tuesday 8th of March 2016 – 11 AM (11.00 hour European time) Timezone: UMT+1 Berlin

Airdrop closed at: Tuesday 8th of March 2016 – 3 PM (15.00 hour European time) Timezone: UMT+1 Berlin

It was a great success, most entries were made in the first hour. Our system has handle everything without any problems or failures.


Finally (after one time reopen phase 1) we received in phase 1: 1552 registrations.
After fraud checks we sent several people an additional mail asking for more information.

Finally 988 participants received an invitation to phase 2. We only received from 943 participants a PCM address.  Huh
After finall fraud checks we approved 749 participanten for payment.

The airdrop will be paid as follows to a new set maximum of 900 addresses:
749 valid participanten
45 reserved slots for phase 2 people, who have not yet passed their pcm address. They got 30 days, after these 30 days their airdrop will be added to the Procom bountie wallet.
106 not filled slots added to Procom bountie wallet for people who actually contribute something to the coin or for people who think they have been incorrectly marked as fraud.

We cannot reopen airdrop phase 1 for only 206 slots. This gives fraudsters free opportunity.

Each participant/slot will receive 1680000 / 900 = 1866 PCM coins
Sunday, the first payments will be made.

Because Procom airdrop is intended for the extended period of time, for the serious participant and NOT for dumping as soon as they are received, we are going to pay with delay. This prevent price crash and gives miners and people with a bountie (like translators etc.) a better price from the beginning. It may take some time before all the coins have been paid. +/- 7 to 30 days, we pay randomly max 50 participants per day. This is preventing a mass dump on exchange.

comments about airdrop Procom only through


Rules phase one:

You can register only one time. You do not have to be active on the Internet, but people who fill in their web address will automatically priority on the list. We allow a maximum of 1.000 registrations! Our system includes fraud prevention systems and our staff will check randomly manual your registration. Please don’t be greedy or you will be excluded from participation.

Do not use a TOR browser (or similar) !!

After closing “airdrop phase one” any valid registration receive a email with further instructions on how they can give their wallet address for payment. All participants get 5 days time to give their wallet address. It is important that you fill in the 2nd form (airdrop phase 2) with the same email address and from the same computer and use the same browser !! This is one of the safeguard against fraud TOR/VPS/PROXY use. People with dynamic ips is no need to worry, we work with an experimental project to exclude this problem.

Airdrop is not paid equal with the coin launch, we wil send the coins a few days later. The total number of coins will be divided among all eligible entries. Each participant will receive at least 1680 PCM or more.

Support during airdrop only through our airdrop support mail: